Frequently Asked Questions For Tenants

Renting out a property through Rent Ready is easy! You might have a few questions if this is the first time you are renting or dealing with a property management company. At Rent Ready, we value our clients and put communication at the forefront. We are transparent and always there to help you if anything is wrong with the property. Read our frequently asked questions to see what you can expect!

Are you ready to be a Rent Ready tenant?

Have you come across some of our properties available for rent and are wondering what to do next? After you have found the ideal rental property, gone to the viewing and still think it’s the perfect place for you, all you need to do is fill out an application form online so that we can do the credit and reference checks. All the information can be found online on our website. We will let you know soon if you have been successful in your application and answer any questions you might have.

We do our regular inspections four times a year and will let you know in advance when we are coming. Don’t forget though, we are only a phone call away and if you require any maintenance or repairs, we will be happy to sort it out outside those times. We comply with all tenancy requirements and are never going to show up unannounced at your place.
Rent Ready strives to keep our tenants happy and will always be available to help!

If you require some repairs or maintenance, all you need to do is give your property manager a call, text or email. You don’t have to wait until your next inspection, we will organise tradespeople, arrange access and get the job done as quickly as we can – if the maintenance is urgent, make sure you call straight away and let us know. We have a group of professional tradespeople on hand at all times to help with any repairs even at 5am on a Saturday morning should the need arise!

Rent Ready is a transparent and open organisation. We work for both owners and tenants and strive to keep them happy. Before we take on a new property we make sure the property is compliant, we assess the property thoroughly and raise concerns with the owner. This ensures that you as a tenant get a safe place to live in that complies with all requirements and legislations. However, if you have any concerns or notice that something is wrong, get in touch with us straight away!

You are required to pay rent either weekly or fortnightly in advance. Before you sign the tenancy agreement, we will discuss this with you to see what works best for you. It really goes without saying that you must pay your rent on time, we understand that things sometimes outside of your control can happen but it is essential you discuss this with your property manager at the time so there are no surprises.

When you fill out an application form with Rent Ready, we will ask for references from previous landlords and confirm your employment status and credit history. We have obligations to our owners, so each applicant must go through this thorough process.
Let your references know that we will be in touch after receiving your application to make sure the cross-check goes as smoothly as possible. Our application form will include all the information that you need to provide.

You will need to make an advanced payment of 1 or 2 weeks’ rent depending on what you have arranged with the property manager at the time of signing the tenancy agreement. A bond of 4 weeks rent is also required and payable to Rent Ready prior to the tenancy starting, this is then lodged on your behalf to Tenancy Services. At the end of your tenancy and after the final inspection the bond will be refunded to you in full unless there is unpaid rent or other outstanding costs.

Accidents happen, and you might lock yourself out of your rental at some point. We can let you back into your home during business hours, if you lock yourself out in the middle of the night give your friends a call and stay there.. In some circumstances, we can let you back in after hours, but a call out fee payment will be charged.

Ensuring that you move into a safe and legally compliant home is important for every tenant. That’s why at Rent Ready, we provide you with an inspection report. This document records all the information about the property and the condition that it was in before you moved in. Supported with photos, it is essential to check this document thoroughly and raise any concerns with the property manager within 5 days, photos help too!

Before you move in, you will need to sign a tenancy agreement which is a legally binding contract that sets out all your obligations as a tenant. It is important that you read it thoroughly and understand all parts of it. If you have any questions, raise them with your property manager before signing.