About Us

Rent Ready is a Wellington-based property management company led by Stacey. With 9 years of experience in property management, we deeply understand the needs of our clients. Our distinctive approach in communication and treatment sets us apart. We prioritize the satisfaction of both tenants and owners through our top-notch services and are always available when needed. For us, being property managers goes beyond just a job. We are passionate about building strong relationships with our clients, ensuring homes are well-maintained, and tenants are content.

Stacey Matete

Co-Owner and Property Manager at Rent Ready Property Management

After working for 10 years in hairdressing Stacey needed a change. She became a Sales Rep for a Wellington Insulation Company, there she was crawling under floors and in roofs with bugs and spiders for company when luckily, she met a couple of Property Managers who seemed to have the perfect job (in her eyes). Stacey loved it as much as she thought she would and decided renters and landlords needed her more than she needed bugs and spiders.

Rent Ready Property Management was born and the rest is history – so to speak.

Life is for living so Stacey offers her owners and tenants outstanding Property Management service, all while having fun, everyone is a winner.

The goal posts in Property Management are constantly moving and this excites Stacey for the future of Rent Ready Property Management.

Stacey loves getting outdoors with her two children, two stepchildren and partner, she has even been known to rock it out on the competitive dance floor.

Matt Matete

Co-Owner and Maintenance Manager at Rent Ready Property Management

After dedicating more than 25 years to the construction sector, Matt, a qualified painter and plasterer, found himself frequently contributing to Rent Ready with his vast handyman skills. This consistent involvement and synergy with the team made it a seamless decision for him to step in as a co-owner alongside Stacey.

At Rent Ready Property Management, Matt’s hands-on expertise isn’t just a benefit, it’s a cornerstone. He ensures that not only are properties proficiently managed, but they are also maintained to the highest of standards.

Outside of his professional commitments, Matt has a keen passion for fishing and dirt biking, relishing the mix of excitement and peace they bring. Additionally, his knack for restoring classic cars sees him meticulously bringing them back to life.

With Matt’s involvement, Rent Ready Property Management guarantees more than just top-tier property management – it promises homes that weather the years gracefully. When not at work, you’re likely to find Matt either behind the wheel of a beautifully restored classic or speeding off on a dirt bike trail, forever seeking his next Kiwi adventure.

We need to be firm and fair when acting on your behalf. We know you have the right to expect a lot from us and aim to deliver that for you.
Life experience…. we have plenty of that.

Stacey – I am 31 years old and my partner and I have four children who keep me a busy Mum! Having recently completed a 3 home subdivision, we are now first time tenants while renovating our recently purchased home before we move in. I often get asked “ You must be so stressed being a Property Manager? “. I don’t feel this way at all. I enjoy building relationships with Owners and Tenants so they can all relax and enjoy their hobbies whilst knowing their biggest asset is being cared for, maintained and has happy tenants.

We have been Property Managers for 9 and 3 years. Sometimes we think we’ve seen it all until something wild gets thrown our way. This is what we love about our industry – no two days are ever the same.

Our fee structure is very simple – 10% + GST on rents collected and 1 weeks rent +GST advertising/tenanting fee. There are no other hidden costs or surprises on the monthly statement.

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest Property Management company in Wellington. For us it will always be quality over quantity, we will continue giving our Owners and Tenants the amazing customer service that we have become well known for. For us quality means that we treat people with respect whilst ensuring communication stays open and continuous, It’s that simple!
If one of us is away sick or on holiday, you will always be able to get hold of the other.

There are many ways you can get hold of us – phone (please leave a message we promise we will ring you back), email, text, message on Facebook, LinkedIn – we will get back to you the same day or the following day at the latest.

Yes, Yes & Yes. Having been homeowners, landlords and tenants ourselves we have seen and handled many different situations from all aspects.

We met in 2015, and after gaining experience as an insulation assessor and later as a property manager, Stacey transitioned to a prominent Wellington property management company. Those years were marked with wonderful experiences and cherished memories. It felt like a natural step forward to embark on our own venture. Property management is a dynamic and captivating sector – it’s not just about clipboards and 14-day notices!

Embarking on this journey as a team felt right; our collaboration is seamless and our work ethics align. Neither of us wanted to navigate this industry solo. Property management extends beyond the usual 9am-5pm timeframe. There’s no pause button just because it’s mealtime or movie time. Prioritising work-life balance is crucial. The peace of mind, knowing that when one of us takes time off, our Rent Ready Owners and Tenants are in capable hands, made teaming up an easy decision for both of us.

This is easy! The way we treat people and communicate with them, one of the most common complaints around is lack of communication. This has never been an issue for us.
Happy Tenants = Happy Property Manager = Happy Owner.