What We Do


Initial inspection

An initial inspection reports the condition of the property prior to the new tenancy beginning. We take plenty of photos and the comprehensive report is sent to both the owner and tenant. The initial inspection is referred to at the end of the tenancy when signing off the bond. Any new damage can be identified by comparing it against the initial report. A tenant can’t be held liable for any damage that was recorded when the tenancy started.

Routine inspections

A routine inspection is a visual check of a rental property and are carried out 4 x per year to keep in line with owners insurance requirements. The property manager is there to check that the conditions of the tenancy are being followed and the property is being kept in a reasonably clean and undamaged condition. It is a great time for the tenant to notify the property manager of any maintenance they have noticed between inspections that need tending to.


End of tenancy inspection

When it comes time to end the tenancy an inspection is carried out by the property manager. The initial inspection report is used to compare the condition of the property to when the tenant moved in – fair wear and tear is expected and has likely been notified during the tenancy – so no surprises! The tenants will need to ensure that all their belongings and rubbish has been removed, the house has been cleaned and lawns/gardens done. The bond refund will be signed off by both the property manager and tenant when all is complete.

All inspections including photos, reports, statements, videos are available to our owners on the online Client Portal 24/7

Finding Tenants

Selecting the best tenant for your property has never been more important, actually it is our number 1 priority! We consider tenants that respect the property, pay the rent on time and don’t disturb the neighbours worth the wait and often turn into long term tenants.

Our process:

  • Advertise the property on our Website, Trade Me and Social Media
  • The prospective tenant books into one of the viewings via our online booking system
  • The property manager at the viewing will answer any questions the prospective tenants may have and if they would like to apply send a link to the online application form
  • Using the information provided from the application we will call the references (minimum of 4), verify their employment and run the credit checks
  • Once complete we will give the owner a call to confirm, offer to the tenant, then get a tenancy agreement drawn up and signed

Repairs and Maintenance

Rent Ready has a team of experienced and qualified Tradies on hand to help out with any maintenance and repairs when they arise. Rates are competitive, no job is too big or small. Some owners like to know each time a repair is necessary and other owners just want us to get it done and for us to communicate with them after the fact. One of the great things about Rent Ready is the property manager looks after both the tenant and owner so nothing is missed or lost in translation!


In a perfect world we wouldn’t have any disputes, but this is the real world and sometimes tenants circumstances change. We encourage communication and build strong relationships with our tenants so they feel comfortable picking up the phone to let us know what is going on. If there are ongoing issues during inspections or rent arrears we will take action promptly, we have tried and tested processes that work – so much so that Rent Ready has never needed to take a dispute to the Tenancy Tribunal – a track record we would like to keep!


We have a simple and easy to understand fee structure with no surprises on the monthly statement.

  • Management fee 10% (plus GST) on rents collected
  • Advertising and finding new tenants for the property 1 weeks rent + GST
  • Free Market Rental Appraisal
  • Free Property Inspections
  • Free Inspection reporting
  • Free Arranging tradespeople
  • Free Maintenance fee
  • Free Mediation fee
  • Free Monthly admin Fee
  • Free Insurance claim fee
  • Free EOYF statement fee