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8 handy tips to help get your property Rent Ready!


So you have made the decision to rent out your property – congratulations!


We highly recommend giving the property what some people call a “Zhuzh” (it’s a real word you know… Oxford Dictionary meaning of “Zhuzh” – to make something more interesting or attractive by changing it slightly or adding something to it).


Below are 8 handy tips to get your property Rent Ready:


  1. Re-key the locks – now is a great time to re-key the locks to all external doors and preferably with one key that will work them all.


  1. Get any niggly maintenance done that as a property owner you live with e.g. tighten kitchen cupboards and window hinges, replace the faded or old shower curtain, replace bulbs with energy efficient ones and install new (compliant) smoke alarms.


  1. Get the carpets shampooed.


  1. Service the heat pump and sweep the chimney – the property manager can then schedule the servicing annually from there.


  1. Spruce up the gardens and put down bark or mulch to minimise weeds. Prune trees and trim bushes – don’t forget to take away all pots and garden ornaments.


  1. Clean the windows inside and out.


  1. Replace any old/mouldy/faded curtains with a cost effective neutral colour option from Briscoes, The Warehouse or Kmart – make sure you buy curtains with the fabric backing so they can be washed in the machine by the tenants should they want to. Curtains with the plastic backing deteriorate and stick together when it is too sunny – not ideal when you try to close the curtains and they are falling apart before your very eyes.


  1. Tenants LOVE a handy info pack. You could include rubbish collection information, bus timetable, neighbours’ names and any tips/tricks/quirks that come with the house. Chocolate is a nice sweetener too.


Rent Ready can take care of one or all of these jobs for you with our great team of tradespeople. Then you can sit back and relax knowing your property is in safe hands – get in touch with us today!